About us

The National Museum “Chernobyl”is a multifunctional institution combining scientific, cultural and educational activity with a modern museum and archive, documenting,preservingand conveying the history of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster as the most severe radioecological disaster of the XX century. The after-effects of it have no analogy and differ from other natural or manmade catastrophes. These are still the issues of contemporaneity and, unfortunately, of the generation to come.

The Museum opened to the public on April 26, 1992,in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, from a hundred kilometers ofthe epicenter of the disaster.

The mission of the Museum is to help the mankind understand the scope of the disaster through the destinies of thousands of those people who witnessed the accident, involved in the disastermitigationand suffered from the disaster. The aim is to make people realize the necessary of reconciliation between man, science and technology that endanger the existence of the human civilization and Earth, to conceive the lessons of the tragedy in all the spheres of life, lest the world forget the lessons of Chernobyl. The Museum is warning for the new millennia generations.

Our aim isto make the museumas an educational center of ecological culture and culture of safe life. For this we are combined the efforts of specialists, teachers, scientists, professors, Ukrainian and world public organizations in the Museum. We are developing various educational and socio-cultural programs for all types of visitors. Wealth of the museum collection, high level of scientific and artistic of the main exposition and temporary exhibitions, sufficient level of our employees and researchers, give us an opportunity to satisfy visitors of different age, interests, and majors.

The slogan of the Museum “Est dolendi modus, non est timendi” greets the visitor at the entrance to the exhibition.Translated from Latin it means “There is a limit of sadness, anxiety has no limits”

The author of the artistic and design concept of the museum is the People’s Artist of Ukraine Anatoly Haydamaka.