Цивільна оборона The museum presents a thematic exhibition “СIVIL PROTECTION. VALUABLE KNOWLEDGE” which was created to help people. What are the types of bombs and what is the protection from them? How to protect yourself, your home, water, food from radioactive, toxic chemicals, biological agents? How to decontaminate food and water, clothes and sandals? How to build a shelter? This and many more useful you know from the collection of Civil Defence educational posters presented at the exhibition, which were printed in Kyiv the 30 years ago. Although in 1986 they were in every school, every company – now become a rarity and historical rarity, but very necessary thing in today’s challenging life of an ordinary citizen, when we have to mention their existence.


In the exhibition features more than 120 special equipment, chemical detection, military radiometers, renthenmetry, radiation monitors, indicators radioactivity, contamination detectors manufactured in the 70-80-ies, domestic radiometric instruments after the Chernobyl of the late 80’s early 90’s , modern and professional appliances are designed and manufactured Scientific and Production Private Enterprise “Sparing-Vist Center” – known in Ukraine and worldwide developer and manufacturer of instruments and systems of radiation control brand “ECOTEST.”

Exhibition complementary by educational documentaries of 70-80 years about radiation, chemical, biological threats and methods of protection for the population that you can watch in a non-stop.

The second part of the exhibition reveals “How to make life in contaminated areas safer.” It is a display of information posters issued by Chornobyl Recovery and Development Programme UNDP in Ukraine in 2006. Tips of specialists in accessible and affordable for the average person form: how to eat, how to behave outdoors, in the forest, in the management of farms, which gather mushrooms and berries. These tips are still relevant today.


Curator Anna Korolevska
Poster design, video editing, infographics by Alex Kurmaz

Exposure time 26.04.2015 – 03.11.2015


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