The presentation will take place on October 12. Pripyat as a symbol of the decline of the”Empire” and the pictures of Kazimir Malevich as a symbol of the elevation of spiritual forces. The exhibition display  10 works of art, the idea of which was created by the author during the visits to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone in 2016-2018, and numerous photographs taken at the abandoned radioactive ghost city – Pripyat







12.10.2018 –

Curator Anna Korolevska
Poster’s design by Alex Kurmaz

Author explains: “The period of the end of XIXth and early XXth centuries is the time of  the outstanding arousal of all spiritual forces in the territory of the former Russian Empire, the heyday of modernism, so to say Russian Renaissance.  It was a time when  Kazymyr Malevych, a kyivite, a prominent avant-gardist, the founder of Suprematism lived and worked. Сonsequently the end of the XX century proclaimed the fall of the “Empire”. Prypyat’, as the town poisoned by radiation after the catastrophe at the Chornobyl NPP, abandoned by inhabitants and forever frozen in 1986, could become the perfect symbol of the decay.

Kazymyr Malevych made it possible to interpret the meaning of the colour as a separate concept, nonetheless its relation to the shape, even in a framework of the absence of the shape.

Photo-memorials of decay and isolation of the shape, made in Prypyat’, combined with Malevych masterpieces, gain eloquence, additional vibe of colour and look together almost like an epitaph on the tomb-stone of the epoch – from the birth up to the end.”

The exhibition presents 10 art works, inspires by the visits to the Chernobyl exclusion zone in 2017-2018, and numerous photographs taken at the abandoned radioactive ghost city – Pripyat.

Author expresses her deep gratitude to Roman Polyakov, photographer for technical support.

About the author:

Olesya GERASHCHENKO (SHAMBUR) (born in 1980) is a poet and a visual poet. Her visual work is published in New York art and literary  almanac “Chernovik”, her poems are published in the Eurasian magazine portal “Megalit” and on-line library of the “Bukvovid” site. She has a book of poems “Zven’”.