Dear Friends!

We call your attention to information search system “The Memory Book of participants of Chornobyl NPP accident consequences liquidation “, that has no analogues among museums of Ukraine. This system runs from 1997 in the operating exposition of our museum.

The nominal “Memory Book” gives an opportunity to comprehend the extent of man-caused radio-ecological disaster through the destinies of thousands different in occupations people – civil and military, who are witnesses and participants, heroes and victims at the same time.

“The Book” is available to every visitor of museum and website. While turning over her “pages” you could find the names of your parents and grandparents, brothers and sisters, look into their eyes and find out what did they do in the dangerous zone, in which events did they take part, what was the radiation dose that they got and how did the state appreciated their victory over the radiation, how did their fortunes form.

The electronic “Memory Book” involves over 5000 liquidators names. The replenishment work constantly lasts. During creation of this “Book” we wanted to support morally those, who walked the Chornobyl road, the road of war with radiation. Unfortunately, nowadays they have to prove their need of states attention to it. And a memory – sacred human feeling , that lives in our consciousness and calls new generations for deeds time and time again, comparing today’s acts with acts of heroes of the past, will be abandoned to new generation.

We invite all not indifferent people to collaboration in order to keep the names of heroes-liquidators in memory of next generations.