As well as visiting the National Museum “Chernobyl” in Kyiv we strongly recommend that you see the deteriorating Chernobyl area with your own eyes and witness how nature has overcome the manmade*. Excursions to Chernobyl exclusion zone and the city of Pripyat are organised daily all year round. For your own safety and security, as well as for a wholly professionally experience, we recommend that you book your tour with one of the official certified tour operators. The museum partner tour operator provides unique adventure tours with history, photographs and videos, with an emphasis on your safety and comfort throughout the whole tour. As a founding member of Chernobyl Tour Operator Association (CHTOA) together with the National Museum in Kyiv, we are closely working together on charity projects to help to preserve Chernobyl and Pripyat as well as to improve the lives of the Chernobyl zone inhabitants.