VIRTUAL EXHIBITION BY THE 80TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE AUTHOR. George SHANAYEV. “OUR SPIRIT IS UNBREAKABLE” Artistic graphics from the collection of National Museum “Chоrnobyl”

George SHANAYEV was  born  in  Kyiv  in 1936.   He is a participant in elimination  of  the  disaster’s  consequences  at  the  Chornobyl   NPP, scientist,  researcher, the  author  of  20 inventions,  150 scientific publications, a  professional  diver   of   the  1-st  cathegory, graphic artist|chart|, poet, musician, singer, bard, invalid of Chornobyl.
To your attention there are George Shanayev’s graphic works, related to understanding the consequences of the Chоrnobyl disaster for humanity and ecology of the planet, which was written by the author for 30 years in a hospital bed.

Paper, black ink.


Curator Anna Korolevska
Design by Alex Kurmaz

Open virtual exhibition