VIRTUAL EXHIBITION “WE CAME OUT FROM THE CHERNOBYL BATTLE” Graphics from the collection of National Museum “Chernobyl”

By Oleg VEKLENKO (born in 1950) – а Member of the Union of Artists of the USSR (1983), the Honored Artist of Ukraine (1986), Professor, Head of Department of Graphic Design of Kharkov Academy of Design and Arts, a member of National Academy of Arts of Ukraine, President of the International Triennial of environmental posters and graphics “4th Block” (1991).

On April 29, 1986 he was mobilized as a reserve officer to eliminate the consequences of the Chernobyl accident by military enlistment office Kharkov.
Lieutenant of the 25th Brigade of radiation-chemical protection Oleg Veklenko held the post of chief mobile club from 3 May to 3 July 1986. There was a car with a driver and projectionist at his command. But transport was not enough, and if necessary, he was involved to a variety of activities. In the first week he did not get to Chernobyl, and then it became almost daily duty. All officers of political department had to go to the station together with the soldiers – “raise morale.”

There he began to paint almost mechanically, to be distracted. Began to receive requests from colleagues to do their portraits, which are then used to design leaflets, honor boards and later exhibitions on Chernobyl issues.

Returning home initially felt fine, then suddenly deteriorated health. After studies of blood he get to the Radiology Institute, where another Chernobyl began for him – it was long-term treatment.
Later the Chernobyl liquidators was asked him to hold an exhibition of drawings and photographs taken in the exclusion zone. This exhibition – “The Place feat – Chernobyl” was held in Kharkiv Art Museum in October – November 1986, then in 1988 in the city of Krasnograd Kharkiv region and the cityof Gubkin Belgorod region

To your attention there are portraits of soldiers of 25 Brigade of radiation-chemical protection with decontamination facilities and grounds of 30-km zone that were drawn by the author in May and June 1986 in the rural locations of the Brigade – Orane village, Chernobyl area.

The creator donated their graphic works to the museum in 2006.
Virtual exhibition presents the entire collection – 31 portrait.