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Present-day exhibition of the museum comprises three showrooms with the total area of 1100 square meters and numbers more then 7000 exhibits, while in 1992 there were only 200 of them.

All the exhibition items, classified documents, maps, photos, special equipment, printings of that time, historic relics from the Exclusion zone and another unique materials are calling for reflections about the most burning problems of today’s life, and about ecological, social and spiritual consequences provoked by the Chornobyl disaster. Numerous data testify the courage and heroism of liquidators who sacrificed their health and even life to save the Earth from global catastrophe.

Great number of presented documents was given first publicity in the museum. They enable to regard the Chornobyl accident from the new angle, and understand more the global after-effects of the disaster that should be considered as the last warning to the humankind and as the last and the most convincing appeal to the nuclear disarmament, and co-struggle for the environmental safety of the planet, emphasizing the priority of universal values in the development of international partnership.

The museum’s exhibition is equipped with modern audio-visual and reference data technologies that enable to broaden the chronological and theme boundaries of the museum and enforce the authenticity of the existing exhibition. Three-phase diorama “The Chornobyl nuclear power plant before, during and after the accident”, working model of the 4th power unit, electronic Book of memory of the Chornobyl accidents liquidators, unique documentaries, computer programs about the disaster and its consequences are submitted to the consideration of the visitors.

Emotional and philosophic art installations play very important part in our exhibition. They bring their special message and help to understand the global tragedy of the XX century. The idea of creating such installations is the result of collaboration between the scientific staff of the museum and artists, inspired by the expeditions to the exclusion zone.